Welcome to the Gallery with paintings from around Wiltshire. Most are fairly local to my home and I need to get  a lot more about the county and paint great sites like Stonehenge, Salisbury etc. I should be frequently adding more images.

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195. Hawthorn .jpg

Tolkein Trees, Avebury

Spring fields near Marden.


Strawberry Hill Sunset

Snow at Edington

Cows and Willows in Snow at Little Cheverall

Great Chalfield, with Apple Blossom in May

Apple Store, Great Chalfield

Westbury, view from White Horse Hill 1

181. Tree clump at Redhorn Hill.jpg

Lavington Hill, Salisbury Plain 2

Westbury, from White Horse Hill.

Salisbury Plain, Everleigh, nr Upaven

Copper Beech

41. Oak tree - Vale of Pewsey w.jpg

Erlestoke Woods with light snow

Roundway view of Devizes, twilight with rain

Poplars at Black Dog Cross Road, Frieth

Poplars at Black Dog Cross Road, Freith

House Between the poplars, Frieth

a'Becketts Vinyard, Littleton Panell

a'Beckett's Vinyard 2

Frome in sunlight

River Avon, Woodford Valley, Wilts.

Market Lavington evening skies group 1

Evening sky with Jet Trails over Market Lavington (1)

Evening sky over Salisbury Plain, nr Stonehenge

Farm at Bromham.

Towards Salisbury Plain, afternoon at Little Cheverell

Tractor tracks in Wheat Field, Coulston

Cow ignoring the sunset, Coulston.

Mayflower at Littleton Panell

Cheverall Sunset 1

Cheverall Sunset 2

Study - view from Poulshot

Evening Sky, Edington

Evening Sky from Strawberry Hill (2)

Winter trees near Patney, Wiltshire

Sky over the Lavingtons

Corn Bales near The Cheverells (1)

New Year Sky(2015) from Redhorn Hill

Great Chalfield

Coorn Stoooks

April rapeseed -Marden view to Upaven

Cherhill towards Calne

Roundway Hills From Cheverell Magna

poplars close up

Home Farm Track (2011 no5)

Pigs Lane Litte Horton

a'Becketts Vinyard, Littleton Panell

Summer cloud from Redhorn Hill

Cheverall Evening, After Harvest

Cheverall Evening, Before Harvest

From Redhorn Hill over Vale of Pewsey

Evening sky with Jet Trails over Market Lavington (4)

View of Roundway Hills, with rain approaching

Roundway from Cheverell Magna (3)

Strawberry Hill view of the Lavingtons

Evening sky with Jet Trails over Market Lavington (2)

Evening sky with Jet Trails over Market Lavington (3)

Coulston towards Devizes
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